The research and design has been done for you so your community can implement a Tiny Teeth Healthy Habits Program without delay.  The entire program and our easy-to-use products are available for purchase in our catalog.

Tiny Teeth Healthy Habits works best when it is done in collaboration with agencies in the community.  For that reason, we offer price breaks and training for communities that choose to affiliate and offer the entire program. Tiny Teeth makes an affiliate agreement with one organization, the contact agency.  It establishes standards for implementation and coordinates effort for a most successful program.  Tiny Teeth shows you the way to partner for best results, helps outline a plan specifically designed for your community and trains the partners in use of materials. Communities that choose to affiliate can receive assistance in grant writing, evaluation and fundraising so that Tiny Teeth can be fully funded and easily implemented. Our agreement does not insist that everything is done the same way.  Each community is different and the organizations know the unique conditions in their community.

Because the success of the program requires the effective coordination of many agencies and partners community-wide, we offer training as a part of our Affiliate Community Membership as well as a discounts on products. 

“Our parent educators are thrilled with Tiny Teeth.  They walked away from the training with materials they could use that very day.  We are very pleased to be a Tiny Teeth Healthy Habits Community.” 

- AJ Griffin Smart Start Guthrie OK